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  • Racism trumps Patriotism every time! It’s MMA beat down time!

  • Yes it’s MMA  beat down time! It’s too bad that Racism trumps Patriotism. 
A lot of people hate Black  more than they love red, white & blue. I think President Obama is going to have to really Go H.A.M this election. 
It’s so funny when the media says the Repubs and the Tea party are Not motivated …

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  • Does Race still matter in the presidential Race? Duh?

  • The Repubs have decided that CRAZY is the new direction for America in 2012. I don’t know if you have been watching the Republican Presidential primary race, but if you have, it’s like watching 3 crazy people trying to up each other on the bat shit nutty meter. Monkeys throwing shit basically. This has been …

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